Ceramics, stone
H 9.0 x W 10.2 x D 6.3 in

Raku paperclay, lead, metal frame and wheel T. Theel
H 7.1 x W 17.7 x D 3.9 in

Ceramics, glass, felt, wire
H 15.0 x W 11.0 x D 3.1 in

Reservoir II
Ceramics, paper kiln firing
H 9.8 x W 7.1 x D 6.3 in

Guardian of the Secret
Kiln-cast glass, raku ceramics, metal stand T. Theel
H 10.6 x W 10.2 x D 1.6 in, H with stand 69.3 in

Kiln-cast glass, raku ceramics, light
H 9.8 x W 5.9 x D 2.4 in

Sparkling Tower
Ceramics, glass
H 17.7 x W 8.3 x D 7.9 in

Ceramics, stone
H 7.9 x W 7.1 x D 8.7 in

H 47.2 - 62.2 in, ∅ 2.4 - 5.9 in

Almut Flentje plays one of her Didgeridoos
at the opening of the exhibition in the Salzkirche Tangermünde

Fusion III
Kiln-cast glass, stone, raku ceramics, wire, lead
H 3.5 x W 15.7 x D 6.3 in

Raku ceramics, glass mosaic, kiln-cast glass
H 14.6 x W 7.1 x D 3.1 in

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